PopMarker: Interactive In-Image Advertising Platform

PopMarker is the Interactive In-Image Advertising Platform
for publishers and advertisers. PATENT PENDING

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PopMarker has created an Image App Platform that is poised to revolutionize the way people experience the Internet. Using our advanced proprietary image recognition software enables online users to conduct their favorite online activities straight from a picture!

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Engage new and existing customers through relevant online images. With PopMarker, you can make targeted use of the content within images (40% of the Web) and monetize this previously inaccessible and untapped marketing resource.

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Partner Agencies

We are open to international partnerships. PopMarker is a SaaS software for advertising agency partners. Use our system to analyze your publisher's images. Please contact us for partnership opportunities.

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PopMarker Analyzes the Images

PopMarker creates inventory for publishers. Advertisers launch in-image ad campaigns on PopMarker's network of publishers worldwide.

Semantic Targeted Campaigns on Image

PopMarker creates semantic targetted keyword ads like Search Engine Marketing through image spots.

Expand Revenue for Publishers

Publishers earn top dollar from previously unused inventory, all while maintaining editorial integrity.

Simple Integration

Integration is very easy. Simply paste a piece of code onto the sites and pages that you wish to have advertising on.