Engage Through Visually Targeted In-Image Ads

Target images that prominently feature specific products



Our Technology resolved the mystery and doubts around “VIEWABILITY”, where advertisers have no clue of the real rate of views of their banner ads. PopMarker provides this data, as the number of pops, which provides the unique ability to do optimizations during the campaign.

Customizable Viewability & Intrusiveness

Publishers & advertisers have complete control of both the level of Viewability and the level of intrusiveness of the ads. They can choose any degree of Viewability ranging from the hidden in-image ad, to auto pop where the ad pops up upon page load and any level in between through various degrees of ad overlays.

Superior relevancy

PopMarker developed a proprietary algorithm for content recognition, image recognition and in-image object recognition.  Alignment of all three, using our unique tagging technology, produces the highest level of relevancy of ads to the interest of the reader.


Style or Appearance

Engagement remarkable results

PopMarker’s technology delivers and places ads that are contextually relevant, with strong association to the interest of the reader. We averaged 4.26% CTR over our last 80 campaigns. (Compare to 0.1% of current banners CTR.) Our last Nike campaign produced a surprisingly outstanding 56.77% CTR.


PopMarker’s software is built as a Software As A Service (SAAS) licensing and delivery model.  Where the process of advertisement placement and delivery is done online, and can be performed concurrently by many advertisers. In this way, publishers and advertisers can scale up their advertising operation, and can go from zero to hundreds active campaigns almost overnight.
Publishers and advertisers can analyze images, create their keywords base image inventory and sell or create adver­tisements directly online, as soon as they are ready in terms of resources and budget.


Innovative and differentiating technology for ad delivery and placement:

PopMarker resolved the issue of “banner blindness”.

It creates curiosity towards the marker, which pops up the ad and thus the ad is delivered and seen.  This is the first level of the engagement that is created.
The next level – the click through, depends more on the offer and the creativity of the ad, but at any rate we produce higher CTR due to our image and in-image optimization which provides higher association with the reader’s interest and superior targeting.

Ongoing optimization of image selection throughout the campaign lifecycle:

PopMarker enables the performance of optimizations before and during the campaign run.

Conversion optimization:

Our system enables tracking the conversion rate of the campaign at each advertiser’s site. It enables optimizations that include testing parameters like page loads, user interface, user experience on ecommerce sites including the performance of shopping carts and payment gateways.
Advertisers can use this data to optimize the selection of publishers as well as the selection of images for the campaign.

Intuitive and easy to use Agency Panel. It took one of our clients 30 minutes from zero knowledge to creating a campaign.

Advertising made to PopMarker’s specifications

Cross platform, cross device and mobile responsive.


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