Frequently Asked Questions

We want your PopMarker experience to be as easy as possible. If none of these FAQs answer your question please, contact us.


Q: What is PopMarker?

The creator of an innovative new image app platform, PopMarker is poised to revolutionize the way people use the Internet. Using advanced image recognition technology with multi-language capabilities, PopMarker allows online users to conduct their favorite online activities—such as shopping, surfing, commenting and networking—all directly from a picture!

PopMarker allows bloggers, publishers and advertisers to supplement the image-viewing experience with a variety of apps designed to educate, inform, entertain and—perhaps most importantly—to fully engage Internet users in a new and dynamic way.

Q: How does PopMarker work?

For users: PopMarker’s discreet but distinct icons let viewers know that an image contains relevant information and links. They then have the option to interact with the image and access pertinent embedded content by simply mousing over and/or clicking on these various icons When they are ready to exit the apps, consumers can do so with a click or a mere move of the mouse.

Q: What are the benefits of PopMarker?

Populating online images with information, relevant links, state-of-the-art image recognition and multi-language capabilities, PopMarker image apps help both publishers and Internet users alike get the very most out of online photographs, pictures and other graphic elements. In addition to providing relevant information, PopMarker image apps can instantaneously link users to valuable educational, social media, ecommerce and advertising sites.

Publishers who partner with PopMarker benefit from:
  • Enhanced visitor engagement
  • Heavier website traffic
  • Longer viewing periods
  • Additional value and incoming revenue

Q: How Are We Different:

You may have seen pins floating on pictures around the web and it's important to understand how your relationship with PopMarker can bring a value proposition to your business. The following list of FAQs comprises some answers to questions we have received. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us:

Q: How are you different from other in-image advertising sites?

While the idea of in-image advertising is still in its infancy, there are a couple of companies that are working within this space. Whereas they focus on a system based on their network, PopMarker is a one-stop platform. We work with both advertisers and publishers to maximize the exposure and demographic targeting. Moreover, we give the opportunity to the publisher to create their advertising networks and become an "ad agency." We provide a backend [link to backend description and images] that allows publishers to track the traffic being generated by the ads. Advertisers also have access to this backend to continuously refine keywords, ad placements, and unique click throughs. In other words, we provide high-end analytics, powered by our proprietary system to help all parties benefit from the partnership.

Q: Do you provide backend assistance and account management?

Absolutely. Part of the service that we pride ourselves on is our focus digital ad management. All of our advertisers work with an account team that is purely dedicated to maximizing the potential of the in-image advertisement. Some companies have digital ad bureaus but many don't have time to micro manage one of their campaigns. Should you want to take advantage of this service, we will work to map out your goals, target audiences, and the do all the coding and placement for you.

Q: Do you only work in English speaking markets?

Our platform has the ability to be translated into over 50 languages.There is no limitation to the size, geography, and scope of a campaign. 

Q: How can I track progress of a campaign?

Our proprietary backend technology lets both advertisers and publishers track the progress of the campaigns including click-throughs, unique visitors, repeat visits, among others. As an advertiser, the back end is completely tailored to you. You can continuously refine the keywords and focus of your ads to maximize effectiveness. As a publisher, you can track how your visitors are interacting your website, your earned revenue, and various other aspects of the success of the ads on your site. This can help you put together more effective content in the future to maximize your revenue.

Q: What happens if multiple advertisers want the same keyword?

Our system is competitive which maximizes revenue for the publisher while creating a diversity of choice for the reader. Advertisers enjoy the ability to bid for ad space on mouse overs and the higher bid gets a more promising placement in the carousel .


Q:What types of PopMarker Image-in Ads are currently available?

We currently offer several different types of in-image and in-screen ad units. Please take a look at our products page http://www.popmarker.com/products. If you are interested in learning more about our units or in changing the type of units that appear on your site(s). Please contact tosupport@popmarker.com

Q: What ad sizes does PopMarker run?

Our in-image and in-screen units are responsive, meaning that they dynamically adjust their size to match the size of the content on which they appear. The width of our ads will always perfectly match the width of the image or screen that they appear on. The height of our ad units varies depending on the size of the content, but generally does not exceed 150px. With in-image ads, our ad server takes the height of your images into consideration and chooses the appropriate height of ad to display, so that the ad will generally occupy the lower third of the image.

Q: Do you display ads on all images?

We only display ads on full-sized images, defined as images larger than 200x200 pixels. We only support File type .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, .GIF

Q: What are your ad specs?

You can found our product spec on our PopMarker Product Specs page.

Q: Do your ads work on mobile and tablet devices?

YES, Our ads work on mbile and tablet devices.

Q: What kind of websites are compatible with PopMarker's platform?

Any website can benefit from PopMarker's innovate technologies, but our platform is most effective on sites that use images as principal pieces of content. Our apps work best in conjunction with larger images that are featured as central content elements of your site.

Q: Does the popmarker code slow down the performance of the publisher website?

We work asynchronized, in other words PopMarker code doesn't effect the page load. You need to place the code before the </head> Closing tag at the head of the page.

js code

Deploying the PopMarker embed code

Please check Implementation Guide

Q: Does PopMarker permit me to sign up for multiple websites?

After you create your account and establish your first PopMarker site, you can add other sites as you see fit. Just prepare for each of these additional sites by adding new and unique line of JavaScript.

Q: Can I block ads from appearing on specific pages or images on my site?

if you add class name "pmnoads" to image or any container or parent div we will not show the ad inside of the image < img src="http://website.com/images/david.jpg" class="item pmnoads center" />


<div class ="pmnoads">
<img src="http://website.com/images/david1.jpg" />
<img src="http://website.com/images/david2.jpg" />


Q: Is PopMarker's reporting updated in real time?

We update the PopMarker data every few hours. When you log in, you will be shown the today's data by default. All data is reported based on the Pacific Time zone.

Q: Why doesn't PopMarker's page view count match what I am seeing in my Google Analytics or other analytics reporting?

The PopMarker Reporting page only reports the number of page views where an ad was displayed. Due to the nature of our targeting, we do not serve ads on every page and/or image, so it is not unusual for our page view counts to differ from your analytics data.


Q: Who collects the data for the PinForm ad unit?

All PopMarker Products are fully customizable we are creating an iframe so you can serve your own form and collect your data directly.