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PopMarker Ads Standards

What's the policy?

Image-in ads are ads that appear with a picture. To ensure that your image ads are appropriate, we also have additional requirements when using the image format, as shown below. The policies below apply to all popmarker products such as pin ads, overlay and get the look.

File type
  • .JPEG
  • .JPG
  • .PNG
  • .GIF

File size
  • 150 KB or smaller
Image size 

Pin Ads Standards: 

Popmarker Pin Standards

Title: Maximum 40 characters
Description: Maximum 90 characters
Image: Square 125x125
Button: Max 20 characters

Overlay Ads Standards:

Overlay Standards

Title: Max 70 Characters
Description: Max 180 characters
Image Square width:125px x height:125px
Button: Max 30 characters 

Sizes are for beta and all standards are subject to change.

PopMarker JS code for publisher:

Our javascript code works asynchronized and it doesn't effect the publishers page load
PopMarker Javascript code for publisher sample