How Image Advertising Works

How does PopMarker's Image Advertising Platform work?

Our platform can place discreet but distinct icons on any online image. PopMarker's clients select exact locations on the image and our skilled team of professionals uses these locations as links to relevant resources such as educational, social media, ecommerce and advertising sites. Our image apps also feature state-of-the-art image recognition and multi-language capabilitie


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What do publishers need to do in order to partner with PopMarker?

Contact us to set up a publisher account. By simply adding a line of JavaScript to your existing website, you are ready to sign up for a portfolio of valuable image apps. After PopMarker identifies that JavaScript has been correctly installed, our discreet but distinct icons and sharing apps will materialize on your targeted images.

What types of PopMarker Image Ads are currently available?

Our platform incudes a range of apps in several different categories. Publishers can presently choose among:

Information ads

As a publisher, you can quickly and effortlessly tag and/or comment upon any specific position within an online picture or graphic.

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Social ads

Let visitors share images via email or post images on their favorite social websites such Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Commerce ads

Using these applications, consumers benefit from detailed information as they drag and click over product images.

Seamlessly integrate relevant advertisements into any image.

As a publisher, you can seamlessly and tastefully integrate relevant advertisements into any image without cheapening your site with obstructive banner advertisements. 

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What kind of websites are compatible with PopMarker's platform?

Any website can benefit from PopMarker's innovate technologies, but our platform is most effective on sites that use images as principal pieces of content. Our apps work best in conjunction with larger images that are featured as central content elements of your site.

Does PopMarker permit me to sign up for multiple websites?

After you create your account and establish your first PopMarker site, you can add other sites as you see fit. Just prepare for each of these additional sites by adding new and unique line of JavaScript.
Please check our Frequently Asked Questions page or Contact our sales department today to find out more.