PopMarker Vision, Mission and Core Values

A goal-oriented and results driven company

PopMarker’s vision is to become a leading provider of global image-based software applications. Our experienced team of technological innovators is dedicated to providing exceptional value for our publishing and advertising clients while offering web users and consumers state-of-the-art interactive applications that allow them to shop, surf, comment and network directly from an online image.

PopMarker’s technological and consumer-oriented company vision is both informed and driven by our enduring core values in the following targeted areas:


PopMarker operates under the certain knowledge that all great discoveries occur within unchartered territories. Fueled by a spirit of pure innovation, PopMarker’s professional team is always looking forward to the next creative frontier. By fostering an environment of experimentation, we allow today’s novel idea to become tomorrow’s next great technological advancement.


Big ideas are all well and good, but the final product is everything. PopMarker is committed to finishing what we start and delivering what we promised.


All employees and associates of PopMarker pledge to handle all company transactions with the utmost dignity and respect. Open and fair business practices are the bedrock upon which our company is built. At PopMarker™, we promote sincerity and honesty within our internal company culture and seek to forge similarly friendly, healthy and enduring relationships with each of our business partners.


PopMarker management and staff is sincerely proud of what we do and the products that we create. We do our best to ensure quality output and take responsibility for our achievements as well as our setbacks.



At PopMarker, we know that innovations in the technological field rarely happen in a vacuum. To produce something worthwhile, we must put the goals of the team before the achievements of the individual. Our multitalented and flexible staff operates in an environment of open communication and respect. We value one another’s strengths and constantly strive for mutual improvement.