PopMarker technology enables publishers to generate revenue from their unused images space, which amounts to about 40% of their total page space.

Enhanced revenue generation, with our patented unique Tags Auction technology.

Monetize your website images with PopMarker

Let us help you leverage the power of your published images. Easy to install and use, PopMarker’s image platform can add a wealth of value to any picture. Sign up for one of our Publisher accounts today to find out just what PopMarker can do for you, your viewership and your online publication.

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PopMarker Integration and Technical Specs

Contact us today to set up your publisher account. By simply adding a line of JavaScript to your existing website, you are ready to sign up for a portfolio of valuable image apps. After PopMarker identifies that JavaScript has been correctly installed, our discreet but distinct icons and sharing apps will materialize on your targeted images.


Any website can benefit from PopMarker’s innovate technologies, but our platform is most effective when used in conjunction with sites that feature images as principal pieces of content. Specifically, we experience the best results within images that are large enough to be featured as central content elements of your site.

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